The Importance of Google Analytics

Kendall Hogenmiller • March 16th, 2018

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Google Analytics is an incredibly important tool that is being immensely underutilized by most businesses. This is probably because it feels like a minesweeper style arsenal where pretty much anything you click is going to cause things to go horribly awry. Fortunately, that's not the case. Here are some major reasons why you should take the plunge and integrate Google Analytics right away!

Google Analytics

1). Know In Real Time if Your Money is Being Well Spent

- You can also find out exactly where each website visitor is coming from. Did they click on that Facebook ad you had running? Maybe they came across your Instagram page and clicked the website link in the bio. Or maybe it was the current PPC ad you have running. This data will allow you to know which ad types and platforms are giving you the most bank for your buck to better inform future ad spending.

2) Know How and Why People Are Using Your Website

- With Google Analytics, you're able to see in real-time what pages visitors are viewing and in what order. For instance, someone lands on the home page, clicks over to Women's Clothing, then Short-Sleeve Shirts, before finally clicking on a store locator.

- You'll also be able to take this one step further by knowing how much time they spent on each page from seconds to minutes. This will allow you to know if your customer was truly engaged and entertained with the content you are providing them.

3) Understanding your audience

- Through Google Analytics data, you'll learn in-depth demographic information about your website visitors and customers. This makes ad targeting an easier task and much less of a guessing game.

4) Mobile vs. Desktop Visits

- With Google Analytics, you'll now be able to track whether more people are visiting your site from a desktop or from mobile devices. This data will allow you to decide if you need to add more effort into your mobile website design. Many websites today are getting majority of their traffic from a mobile device, but losing sales or conversions due to having a non-mobile friendly design.

5) Is Your Website Doing It's Job

- Are you getting the conversions you want? Whether it be online sales or direct contact, know if your website is getting you the results you're after without just guessing.

In today's world, it's no longer acceptable to make guesses or assumptions and hope for the best. It's vital that you take advantage of these incredible platforms that can take all of the guessing out of decision making and allow for smarter more educated decisions.