IPX Ventures

Deeper partnerships

IPX Ventures is our speculative-arm, providing the means for deeper partnerships with growing businesses.

We're passionate about teaming up with brands, companies, and business of all sizes to grow and scale. Besides traditional relationships, we like to keep our eyes open for opportunities for a deeper investment – either with labor, capital, or a combination thereof.


Angel Funds

We seek promising early-stage startups and businesses that would benefit from an angel investment to help get things going.

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Skills & Services

Our venture-arm allows us to provide highly skilled labor and services as a form of investment in cash-strapped early-stage companies.

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Some of the latest business we have helped

When marketing and growing a business, technology often gets in the way instead of supporting and accelerating great work. We bridge this gap by combining tech expertise with marketing energy to drive business forward.


With CountertopSmart.com, you have access to a secondary market of Countertop Remnants, or the remaining, unused portion of full stone slabs.

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Wellnicity's on a mission to provide you with knowledge and tools to empower you to achieve a healthier you. With clinical at-home test kits providing a deeper insight into what is really going on with your body.

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