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The company is an online marketplace that allows homeowners and construction trade professionals access to a little known secondary market of “Countertop Remnants”, or the remaining, unused portion of a full slab.

Our involvement

IPX is working to establish brand trust with a ground-up redesign of the UI/UX, in addition to executing a layered marketing plan that includes many digital facets in order to drive growth as CountertopSmart expands to new markets.


With CountertopSmart, consumers get access to a larger variety of stone-options at 20% the cost.

Traditionally, countertops are sold in full slab quantities of 60 square feet.
So, what happens if your project only requires 30 square feet? Or 15 square feet?

They greatly expand customer options while saving them an average of 60-80% on the cost of stone.

Streamlined Inventory Management

With fabricators and remnants sellers managing thousands of remnants every day, CountertopSmart needed a powerful and intuitive inventory management system to organize, track, and sell the remnants in their stone-yard.


Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

We knew from the beginning that a responsive and mobile friendly design was a must-have. Both the purchasers (home buyers, construction-trade professionals, and interior designers) and the fabricators who are actually selling the remnants can access the marketplace from a variety of devices all throughout the day.


The results are speaking for themselves

This is still an ongoing project, but the results from our efforts thus far have already been extremely promising and are allowing us to further refine our strategy as we go forward.

Visit The Website

See it for yourself!

Check out the production website to see our work on CountertopSmart live and in the real world.