Email Pop Up Trends

Kendall Hogenmiller • April 2nd, 2018

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We know there’s almost nothing internet users hate more than an annoying pop-up. You’ve just started reading a companies “About Us” profile or you’re scrolling through the New Arrivals and out of nowhere this obnoxious box bounces up and interrupts everything. As customers, we hate them, but as business owners we need them in order to help grow our following.

For some businesses, their email campaigns are a huge driver of online sales. In this case, it’s key that you’re acquiring new subscribers in order to widen your reach and hopefully increase your conversion rates. Recently, we’ve noticed a huge uptick in the number of companies utilizing the Exit Intent email pop-up strategy. As the name states, when someone is on your website (either in mobile view or desktop) and their cursor moves to hover over the exit webpage/tab button that’s the exact moment that your email newsletter pop-up would emerge.


We took a look at three of the best platform options that come with integrations with Wordpress or Shopify out-of-the-box.



- Optimized on desktop as well as mobile

- A/B Split Testing

- Also allows for slide-in scroll trigger boxes

- Priority Support

- Can customize message to customers returning to the site

- You can show targeted messages on specific pages of the website (i.e. someone is on the sample kit webpage, we can show a sample kit specific email pop up)

- This one is the most popular when it comes to online mentions



- A/B test things as little as button colors and texts

- Real time analytics via their platform

- Custom offers, if we’ve collected data on a customer before we could have a customized “Hey John, here’s a code for a free beard comb!” type deal

- Targeting options based on referral source, site content, new or retuning users, etc.

- Mobile integration

- Also allows for timed pop-ups and scrolling


Starts at $59/month

- A/B Split Testing

- Has a cap for frequency

- Google Analytics integration

- Time of day targeting