Case study

On The Dot Woman


The problem

On The Dot needed a new home for their online publication to deliver empowering stories of relatable and inspiring women.

Our solution

A custom-designed template, built from scratch, on top of the robust and scale-ready CraftCMS delivering quality content.

Empowered Women Empower Women

Introducing Relatable-Role Models To Women Alike

On The Dot is a women's empowerment organization dedicated to providing mentors to young women all around the world. They're here to give young women all the tools they need to succeed in their career, whether it's moving up in the workplace, making a tense professional environment a more fun one, or ditching the whole 9-5 thing altogether and becoming your own boss.


See It For Yourself

See our work for On The Dot Woman live and functioning at their website using the link to the right.